The success story of the brand Knirps begins in 1928 with a revolution: the invention of the first collapsible umbrella. The "Knirps" was born. The triumphant advance of the innovative folding umbrella was made pos-sible by the outstanding quality of the products and the continuous development of the model range in vari-ous sizes, shapes and colors. The unique combination of innovation, design and quality has made Knirps over the year tot he synonym of pocket umbrellas per se.

For us, perfection and innovation mean providing our customers with a product that can easily prove its value every day. And at the same time setting standards for our own requirements in design, function, material and processing quality. Because every Knirps umbrella is a representative of the brand.

Based on its historical innovative strength, Knirps has invested its experience and know-how acquired over the years in technically ambitious products in order to be able to continue to justify this trust. For this reason, since 2012, we also produce sunshades with all our enthusiasm.


Knirps® is a manufacturer of high-quality umbrellas. Knirps brand products have an international reputation. That is why we offer a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase for products of the T.Series (T.010, T.050, T.200, T.300, T.400, T.703, T.771, T.900, T.903) starting from the1st of January 2019.

The warranty covers repair or exchange (to be determined by Knirps) of the product and/or removal of all defects resulting from faulty material or errors in manufacturing. This will be done at no cost to you. Knirps may also decide to refund the purchase price of the product, in which case the loss in value of the product is offset against the purchase price.

Warranty services or replacement of parts do not lead to an extension of the warranty period. In order to claim the warranty, proof of purchase such as an original sales receipt or another proof of ownership must be provided. The warranty is valid worldwide. It is valid only for the original end user (consumer) and is not transferrable.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by inappropriate use, wilful damage to the product by the user, transportation damage, normal wear and tear, defects in functionality or material caused by external influences, e.g. hail etc., or defects that have only a negligible effect on the value or usability of the product.

Except as expressly prohibited by applicable law in your country, Knirps does not accept any liability from guarantees for indirect, direct, special, incidental or consequential losses or damages of any kind resulting from the use of the product or the inability to use it.

The legal warranty rights for defects of these umbrella modells are unaffected by the warranty.

If you wish to make a claim on your warranty, please contact us directly. For the use of the guarantee, we give the following contact details as guarantor:

Knirps GmbH
Schlossstraße 24
A-5280 Braunau-Ranshofen
Mail: shop(at)
Ph.: +43 (0) 7722 / 63205 - 355