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The Inventor of the Folding Umbrella

A war injury made it difficult for Hans Haupt to carry both a walking stick and an umbrella, so he set about creating a solution. The result - the first umbrella with a telescopic frame.

It fit neatly in his pocket, and was always available when it rained! Being so small, it was natural that he referred to it as his tiny 'tot' - a young child - and that is where the brand name Knirps comes from, as ‘knirps’ means ‘tot’ in German.

In 1928, a company called Bremshey & Co could see the potential for such a product and helped produce the first varieties of this innovative pocket umbrella.
It was the beginning of anew

Made to withstand every condition

All our models are extremely stable and durable thanks to the ingenious mix of materials. In order to be able to offer optimum flexibility, all our products are tested in the wind tunnel.