High quality and first class workmanship

Each Knirps umbrella is the result of over 90 years of experience in umbrella production. The development of a Knirps umbrella takes about two years from the idea to the finished product. Ongoing quality checks, including massive load tests in the wind tunnel, are carried out continuously.

To ensure that our umbrellas can be used in the worst weather conditions and are characterised by a long product life, they are subjected to various test procedures:

  • Chemical tests (REACh, Öko-Tex, ...)
  • UV tests according to UV Standard 801
  • Various load, bending, tear and endurance tests

Extended warranty

The combination of this exact monitoring and the high quality materials such as top quality aluminium, which is also used in aerospace applications, selected steel and flexible fibreglass enables us to offer our customers a real quality product.

For this reason we offer an extended warranty of 5 years on all products of the T, TS and S series and 3 years warranty on our parasols.

Excellent technology

Knirps umbrellas are designed to be particularly smooth and user-friendly.

For example, special technology in the handle means that little force is needed to open and close the umbrella.

Furthermore, Knirps umbrellas have an extra large button on the handle which makes opening and closing even more comfortable.


Thanks to a practical hand strap, our umbrellas can be carried comfortably when they are no longer needed after a rain shower.


Another example is the slider for opening and closing the umbrella, which is fitted with rubber rings to prevent rain-damp fingers from slipping off.


In addition, the tips at the strut ends are larger than in conventional models to prevent eye injury.


Each umbrella is supplied with a protective cover that has a zip fastener so that the umbrella can be easily stowed inside again.

Knirps umbrellas in the wind tunnel


In order to give our quality control the finishing touches, all Knirps umbrellas are regularly subjected to heavy-duty tests in various wind tunnels. Wind speeds of up to 150 km/h are generated in the wind tunnel.

These extensive tests are carried out in order to check our umbrellas precisely for stability, ensure consistent quality and drive a continuous improvement process.