Sustainable Knirps umbrellas

The Knirps company has also set itself the goal of making a positive contribution to the environment.

For this reason, the raw materials used to manufacture our umbrellas are meticulously selected and meet our high standards of quality, safety and sustainability.

Our carefully selected materials for umbrellas and parasols are designed for stability and durability so that they can be used for many years.

In this way we counteract unnecessary waste production by throwing away defective products.

Nevertheless should a defect occur after frequent use, there is the possibility of repair.

Sustainable Knirps umbrellas

Biodegradable components

Another sustainable aspect is the ecorepel® coating, which is used on selected umbrellas.

In these models, an environmentally friendly and ultra-modern PFC-free ecorepel coating is applied to the canopy. This gives the umbrella a water  and dirt repellent coating that is even biodegradable, in keeping with the environment.


This is possible because the coating consists of paraffin chains which are wrapped around the individual fibres of the fabric. The surface tension of the fabric is minimised, so that water and dirt particles with a much higher surface tension simply roll off.

You can find more information about ecorepel fabric and its special features here.

Pollutant free products

Finally, many of our umbrellas have an umbrella fabric that is free of harmful substances and harmless to health. The umbrella fabrics are regularly tested and certified by the Ökotex Institute according to Standard 100.

The company is also inspected for socially and environmentally friendly production conditions as part of this certification. 

Pollutant free Knirps umbrellas
Repair instead of waste production

Repair instead of waste production

Should an umbrella become defective despite all this, we offer a repair service for Knirps umbrellas in our company, even if your umbrella is already several decades old. This is what we call real sustainability.

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