The lightest Knirps umbrellas - ultra series

Ultra light | Almost as light as your phone
Ultra stable | Heavy winds are no problem.
Ultra small | Slim and compact.

Very light umbrella
Very handy umbrellas
Very sturdy umbrellas

 Ultra light 

We use ultra light materials to keep weight to a minimum:
US.050: 115 g
U.200: 185 g

 Ultra handy 

Its compact measurements – 21 cm for the US.050 and 26 cm for the U.200 -- make these umbrellas easy to store in any bag.

 Ultra stable 

Sturdy lightweight construction keeps the U.200 stable in winds up to 120 km/h, and the US.050 in winds up to 100 km/h.

Ultra light Knirps umbrellas

 Knirps umbrella US.050 - ultra light slim manual 


At 115 g, it’s our lightest umbrella with manual opening mechanism

Wind stability – stands up to 100 km/h winds

Ultra easy to open and close

Ultra slim – only 2.5 cm wide, 21 cm long when closed

Black frame

 Knirps umbrella U.200 - ultra light duomatic 


- At 185 g, lightest umbrella with automatic open/close function

Wind stability – stands up to 120 km/h winds

Large button opens and closes it with ease

Ultra slim – closed length of 26 cm

Black frame

Very light umbrella
Very light stick umbrella

 Knirps stick umbrella U.900 - ultra light XXL manual 

- Lightest stick umbrella in the assortment (only 255 g)

- Ultra strong lightweight construction 

Windproof - withstands windspeeds up to 120 km/h 

Oversize canopy - suitable for two persons

Specially rubberised handle for comfortable wearing

 Extremely light umbrellas  

An everyday umbrella should be small, light and practical. That’s where our U Series really hits the mark.

The lightest Knirps umbrellas will win you over with their minimal weight, compact size, and good canopy coverage. But light doesn’t mean delicate in this case: our optimal blend of materials -- high-quality, aerospace-grade aluminium and fibreglass – meet the highest quality standards of the developers at Knirps.

The results of our wind-tunnel tests show just how strong these umbrellas are: the manual umbrella remained stable in winds of 100 km/h, while the automatic umbrella made it to 120 km/h. Both of our U Series umbrellas are reliable companions for any weather.

 User friendly  

Easy handling is important to our umbrella designers. Our manual US.050 pocket umbrella opens effortlessly when you slide the runner. Pushing the button closes it again.

The Knirps U.200 pocket umbrella, in contrast, opens automatically at the touch of a button.

Press it again and the canopy closes. The shaft can then be compressed by hand until it clicks into place.

It takes just seconds to open and close. And the red button is just the right size for ease and comfort.

Umbrella tested in the wind tunnel

 Knirps umbrellas with accessories 

Both these umbrellas have more than lightness on their side.

They also come with a loop on the handle so you can keep both hands free, let it dangle or hang it up.

The delivery also includes a protective sleeve in matching colour to protect your umbrella from damage and wear.

This extends the life of your Knirps umbrella.

Knirps umbrellas with accessories

 An indispensable item for every household 

No matter what your age, where you live, or whether you prefer classic black or a pop of colour – the light umbrellas of the Ultra Series are right for everyone and every occasion.

Their minimal weight and stability make them a must have for anyone who won’t let the rain ruin their day. For reliable protection everywhere, take this light umbrella on a walk through town or on your next trip, or keep it in your car.

With its compact size and lightness, this Knirps pocket umbrella can accompany you wherever you go.