Umbrellas and sunshades with modern designs.

Knirps umbrellas and parasols stand for excellent quality and ultra-modern design.

Twice a year, a seasonal collection of umbrellas is published to match the season, so that you can always go with the latest trends.

For this purpose, our design team works hand in hand with international design studios to be able to present the latest fashion trends in the form of an umbrella.



In addition to the new collections, special attention is also paid to the visual design of the frame. With great attention to detail, each shade is individually designed by our product designers.

This is for example shown in the attachment of small Knirps plaques or in the various design elements of our parasols.

Thanks to our passion for modern design, some of our products have already won various awards. For example, our umbrellas from the ultra series won the "Red Dot Design Award 2020".



Our parasols are also prize winners. The Knirps sunshade Pendular 275 x 275 was the winner of the gardiente outdoor Living award 2018 and our granite basement (40 kg, 50 kg and the balcony basement) were each crowned with the Red Dot Design Award.

The Knirps Pendular 340 received the iron selection award.

The numerous awards that our products have received prove that innovative design is very important to the Knirps company. 



Safety in the twilight

Knirps umbrellas don't only protect you from the rain, with our reflective models you are also safer on the road at dusk. These umbrellas are equipped with reflective applications on the umbrella roof and thus ensure additional attention from other traffic users.

Umbrellas with special equipment

Knirps umbrellas can not only look good, many models also convince with special features such as a very high UV protection. Through a special coating at least 95% of the UV rays are blocked by the umbrella canopy. This means that approximately to a sun protection factor of 50+.

Umbrellas marked with our UV logo are therefore not only suitable for cloudy rainy days, but also offer protection against UV rays on sunny days, for example during an outdoor event.