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The pocket umbrella from Knirps: a reliable companion for everyday life Pocket umbrella, mini umbrella or simply "Knirps" - the foldable umbrella, which can easily be stored in the laguage, backpack or even in the jacket pocket, is a real all-rounder. With its small, handy format, it reliably serves as a daily companion and thus protects against unexpected rainshowers. Thanks to a comfortable hand loop with a special closure, a Knirps pocket umbrella can be attached to any belt, backpack, bag or suitcase in a very short time. The pocket umbrellas are supplied with a case which is not only water-repellent but also colour-coordinated with the design of the respective umbrella - because a contemporary, stylish look plays a major role in the production of compact umbrellas. Rain protection meets creative designs Umbrellas are no longer "just umbrellas". They serve as fashion accessories and enhance every outfit with their noble looks and casual designs. Knirps has therefore made it its business to create pocket umbrellas that will be remembered when you see them on the street. In doing so, our designers always keep an eye on the latest trends, but still always focus on individuality and creativity. This is how eccentric models such as the T.200 Duomatic are created, but also simple, elegant trend umbrellas such as the T.200 Duomatic Reflectives. Summery designs with gaudy colours set accents and become real eye-catchers in everyday life, while the simpler models match any outfit and radiate a noble, graceful flair. Whether wildly patterned, printed with playful dots or in simple tones such as black or grey: a Knirps pocket umbrella is never just a functional item, but always a real fashion highlight. Pocket umbrellas of the highest quality Although Knirps attaches great importance to an attractive appearance of the pocket umbrellas, quality always comes first. That's why Knirps always uses a mix of extremely light, yet very robust raw materials such as aluminium, steel and fibreglass for an umbrella. This mix of materials as well as the water-repellent umbrella cover made of high-quality polyester guarantee that the pocket umbrella can withstand even heavy rain. Some pocket umbrellas are additionally equipped with a UV-protection, which protects you from aggressive sunrays. These rays are often responsible for painful sunburns and sunstrokes and should therefore always be kept away from the skin. Therefore, a pocket umbrella is suitable for a grey, wet autumn as well as for sunny spring days. Manual or automatic: Which umbrella should it be for you? Our umbrellas are available in a manual and an automatic version. The latter is characterised above all by its practical open-to-automatic function: This function allows the umbrella to be opened without any problems within a few seconds: All you have to do is press a single button, which is located directly on the handle of the umbrella. A particularly small and light model, the U.200 shines here, which is a real flyweight. This model is available in simple shades of grey and black, but also with expressive colours like neon pink - the umbrella is therefore a purely functional object, but above all when opened it is also a stylish accessory that adds the finishing touch to your outfit. The ultra series is also extremely handy and comes in elegant designs. However, if you have a preference for manually operated umbrellas, you will also find the right product in our online shop. These pocket umbrellas are also characterised by particularly easy handling thanks to the latest technologies. Regardless of whether you choose an umbrella from the U-series, X1 or T.010 series - no manual pocket umbrella from Knirps is larger than 27 cm. With colourful, extravagant patterns and gaudy neon designs, the mini umbrellas are real eye-catchers. But we also offer enough choice for those who like things simple: Especially the X1 umbrellas convince with their sporty look in muted tones. Pocket umbrellas in different sizes: Small, Medium and Large Different characters require different umbrellas. That is why Knirps umbrellas vary not only in design but also in size. The size "Small" comes with a packing size of 18-20 cm. The diameter of these umbrellas is between 88 and 94 cm, while their weight is between 220 and a maximum of 255 grams. The small pocket umbrellas operate by means of a manual opening mechanism and are suitable for both men and women thanks to their compact size. These umbrellas include the models TS.010, T.010, US.050 and X1. The packing size of the pocket umbrellas in the size "Medium" is 25-28 cm. These umbrellas have an umbrella diameter of minimum 89 and maximum 98 cm. They weigh 193-320 grams and are available in both manual and automatic versions. In the size "Medium" the models T.050, TS.200, T.200 and U.200 are available. The pocket umbrellas in this size are also ideal for men and women - not least because they are available in so many different models and designs. The largest format in which Knirps pocket umbrellas are also available is "Large". With an umbrella diameter of 102-115 cm, a packing size of 30-42 cm and a weight of 465-580 cm, these umbrellas are particularly robust and large. Therefore they are especially suitable for men. The large pocket umbrellas T.301 and T.400 are all available in the practical Duomatic version and can therefore be opened and closed effortlessly within seconds.