Sustainable umbrellas from Knirps

Knirps is a pioneer in the umbrella market when it comes to sustainability:

With our umbrellas Vision | Horizon Manual | Horizon Duomatic, we focus on lived sustainability and a new environmental awareness that has never been seen before in umbrellas. Our materials are groundbreaking and protect the environment. The 100% biodegradable plastic from Trifilon, which is used for handle, slider and top, replaces regular plastic and protects the environment.

Furthermore, our pollutant-free and health-safe umbrella canopy covers pay tribute to the environment. The canopy is made of PET recycled fabric and coated with environmentally friendly PFC-free water and dirt repellent from ecorepel.

Five-year warranty and a competent repair service underline our quality promise. The environment remains in our focus and further developments will follow.