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Knirps Pendular 320x320

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  • Square, premium quality cantilever screen with 360-degree rotation
  • Strong sun protection factor and high fade resistance
  • High-quality polyester canopy
The latest Pendular 320 x 320 offers the greatest possible shade when used in the garden. In windy weather, the umbrella can fixed to the main pole to provide secure protection. Once the sun comes out again, it can be easily unlocked at the push of a button. This parasol is a perfect example of the innovative combination of functionality and good looks: a decorative design element that protects you from the sun. The multifunctional umbrella is mit Fußtaster, 360° drehbar and can be rotated effortlessly on its axis at a simple tilt. This means it couldn't be easier to adjust the canopy to the current position of the sun. The canopy is available in different colours and is made of weather-resistant polyester fabric. The canopy is also stain protection treated, water-repellent, UV-resistant, removable and hand-washable.
  • Screen bends on long side
  • Size canopy: 320 x 320 cm
  • Canopy shape: Quadratisch
  • Opening mechanism: Mit Kurbel
  • Minimum base weight: 200 kg
  • Gastro suitable: Ja
  • Minimum distance from the wall: 50 cm
  • Dimension packing: 288 x 50 x 19 cm
  • Included base cross: Nein
  • Attention: plates must be ordered separately
  • Protective cover included: Nein
  • Wind tunnel tested at: 80 km/h
  • -----------------------------------------------------------
  • Material frame: aluminium
  • Color frame: Silber
  • Material strut: Aluminium
  • Quantity strut: 8
  • Mast diameter: 98 / 60 mm
  • Pole diameter shape: Oval
  • Hole spacing: 15 cm
  • Passage height: 219 cm
  • Height open: 268 cm
  • Height closed: 293 cm
  • Pivot function: Beidseitig axial schwenkbar
  • Inclined position: Schrägstellbar
  • Rotation function: mit Fußtaster, 360° drehbar
  • -----------------------------------------------------------
  • Material cover: 100 % Polyester
  • Weight cover: 220 g
  • Volant: Nein
  • Wind valve: Ja
  • UV protection: UV 80 + (Standard 801)
  • Light fastness: 6
  • Shielding surface: 10.24 m²
  • Weather property: Regenabweisend
  • Cover is changeable: Ja
  • Care: Handwäsche

Knirps quality promise - 5 year warranty

The combination of years of experience, meticulous monitoring, the highest quality materials such as high-grade aluminum used in aerospace, as well as selected steel and flexible fiberglass, enables us to offer our customers a genuine quality product.

As a legacy to our commitment to quality, we rely on our promise and provide a warranty period of 5 years for all Knirps products (from the purchase date of 01/01/2021) without registration.

Knirps Qualitätsversprechen - 

5 Jahre Garantie

Die Kombination aus jahrelanger Erfahrung, feinmaschiger Überwachung und der hochwertigsten Materialien wie Aluminium in bester Qualität, welches auch in Luft- und Raumfahrt eingesetzt wird, ausgesuchtem Stahl und biegsamem Fiberglas ermöglicht es uns, unseren Kunden ein echtes Qualitätsprodukt anzubieten.


Und da gerade in diesen Zeiten ein Garantieversprechen einer Marke ein Qualitätsbekenntnis, welches immer mehr an Bedeutung gewinnt, ist, gewähren wir eine verlängerte Garantiefrist von 5 Jahren auf alle Knirps Regenschirme (ab Kaufdatum 01.01.2021), Sonnenschirme und Sonnenschirmzubehör wie Sockel oder Schutzhülle (ausgenommen Ersatzteile), ohne sich dafür registrieren zu müssen.