Rainwear from Knirps: A reliable supplement for rainy days In addition to umbrellas, Knirps also offers you a wide range of rainwear. The same principle applies to Knirps rainwear as to our umbrellas: Although functionality and thus protection from the rain are the top priority, the clothes are also impressive in their design. Our jackets are both breathable and waterproof, guaranteeing that you will always be dry even on rainy days. However, in our assortment you will find not only the classic rain ponchos, trenchcoats and parkas, but also cool accessories such as rain hats and scarves that complete your outfit and protect you from the cold and wet. Innovative bag concept: functional and stylish Sophisticated design, smart functionality, reliable weather protection: the new bags from Knirps are a must have. The Shopper and the Crossbag are made of waterproof material and have a special umbrella pocket with a moisture barrier, so that your Knirps, a water bottle or other wet items can be safely packed away and the bag stays dry. In addition, it also has a large inner pocket to safely store other personal items. And as the crowning highlight you combine reliable weather protection with the ingeniously innovative bag concept, matching every outfit it gives you that certain something.