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Knirps Rookie manual

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  • Robust umbrella with compact dimensions and reflective stripes
  • Easy handling with a low weight of only 205 g
  • Exclusive handle design with elasticated wrist strap
  • 90 cm

  • 22 cm

  • 205 g

  • 80 km/h

It takes time for ideas to become products. This is what happened to Knirps with the development of the ROOKIE school umbrella, which has been planned for years to round off the range. Now the time has finally come: ROOKIE has been developed, designed and produced and from october will accompany schoolchildren aged six and over on their way to school, the playground or sportfields. The manually opened and easy-to-use umbrella is with 205 g a lightweight, has a diameter of 90 cm and has been reliably tested in the wind tunnel up to 80 km/h. The reflective band around the canopy provides additional safety. When it comes to design, Knirps has dispensed with typical children's motifs for the umbrella for school and cool teenagers - there are no unicorns, princesses or dragons on the canopy. In addition to six strong and clear plain colours, the cheeky eye-catching Bubble Bust design with neon splashes of colour on a black background is used here. The geometric and colourful Triple Blue and Triple Pink designs are also available. Of course, design and safety must never be mutually exclusive, which is why safety is also the top priority for the design variants and the reflective tape also adorns these canopies. With its handy pack size, there is always a place for the ROOKIE in a school bag, pocket or backpack, so no child or teenager will be caught out in the rain again. Its simple handling and hard-wearing materials make ROOKIE the perfect everyday companion and parents can be sure that their youngsters will be safe and visible in traffic thanks to the reflective elements. Knirps offers a five-year guarantee on the entire product range, once again emphasising the quality of the umbrellas designed and developed in Germany.
  • Tested in the wind tunnel at 80 km/h
  • 3-part black shaft made of steel
  • Length closed: 22 cm
  • Canopy diameter: 90 cm
  • Weight: 205 g
  • Opening mechanism: Handopener
  • Umbrella cover material: 100 % Polyester
  • Number of ribs: 6


Knirps quality promise

The combination of years of experience, meticulous monitoring, top-quality materials such as aluminum, which is also used in aerospace, along with selected steel and flexible fiberglass, allows us to offer genuine quality products.

As a commitment to quality, we rely on our warranty promise and provide a 5-year warranty period on all Knirps products (from the purchase date of 01.01.2021), without the need for registration.