Quality, care and use.

Proper handling and care have a positive effect on the service life of our high-quality products. A significant contribution to environmental protection is made when purchased products fulfill their intended purpose over many years.

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Our Knirps products consist exclusively of high-quality components. This is because a better than average service life is important to counteract the throwaway society that prevails globally.

Each model is tested for stability and performance in a wind tunnel and optimized in continuous development processes. The quality of our products is highlighted by the five-year warranty on our entire Knirps range.

High quality products

Our entire range is subject to strict quality tests, which are carried out both in-house, and by external testing institutes. One of the most spectacular methods is the wind tunnel test. Here, all components are tested for their maximum load. For umbrellas, up to 170 km/h can be reached in the wind tunnel, depending on the model. Up to 80 km/h is reached for parasols. Material and functional tests are also carried out on all articles to ensure that the products easily fulfill our quality promise.

As an amfori BSCI member, our products are manufactured together with our long-standing partners in compliance with the highest quality standards and fair working conditions. Sustainable and recycled materials are gradually replacing conventional materials, without any compromises on quality. Knirps wants to stay one step ahead in the future too, so we are continuously working to save raw materials and CO2.


Repair and spare parts service

Every year alone, around one billion umbrellas end up in the garbage due to their poor quality. The reliable functioning of our products, and our in-house repair shop, help to counteract this trend in a targeted manner. Our specialists have the expertise to repair Knirps products with loving care if necessary, even far beyond their warranty period.

A lot of parasols also land on the garbage heap every year, because of minor problems impairing their function. In most cases, the defects are uncomplicated and could have been remedied in a few simple steps. In order to protect our environment and the climate, we run an in-house repair workshop. Here, specialists with years of experience lovingly restore your favorite product to its perfect condition. If a product has a defect within the warranty period that is irreparable, it will be replaced free of charge.

Repair in the in-house workshop

Recycling of raw materials

We are taking a further step towards a greener future by recycling left-over raw materials. Our designers have come up with a meaningful way to reuse waste materials from umbrella production that would otherwise end up in the garbage: The Knirps Magic Bag. Due to our diverse design palette, every Knirps Magic Bag is unique. Another special feature of the Magic Bag is its flexibility – in just a few seconds it can be transformed from a spacious bag into a small, easily stowable, 10cm fabric package. Due to their small size and low weight, they are often carried in handbags, to be always at hand the next time you shop.

Knirps Magic Bags made from production residues


Your Knirps umbrella or parasol naturally needs the right care so that it can always show its best side even after the warranty period. For this, removing dirt correctly and the right impregnation are important criteria. In the case of parasols, proper winter storage is also essential.

Remove dirt

Dirt can be easily removed from both umbrellas and parasols with the help of a soft sponge and lukewarm water. Afterwards, keep the umbrella open to allow it to dry.


Our fabrics have been made water- and dirt-repellent. This impregnation may weaken over time, so that the umbrella fabric can become water-permeable, mainly in the folded areas. In this case, you can renew our products with an impregnating spray for outdoor textiles (polyester). The canopy must be opened for this purpose. The impregnating spray may be sprayed over a large area while keeping the permitted distance (depending on the manufacturer of the spray). Wipe off excess material with a cloth to prevent staining. After drying, the umbrella can be folded up and stowed away again.

Proper storage

The parasol should be kept as dry as possible during the cold months, for example, by storing in your garage or basement. We also recommend protecting the canopy from dust and dirt with a protective cover during storage.

After each use, leave the umbrella open until dry, and then store it in its protective cover again to protect the canopy.



Knirp's quality products are very diverse, so you will find the right product for every age-group, taste, and occasion. From sustainable and design editions, to the light student model or classic noble cane umbrella, no wish remains unfulfilled.

Our wide palette of Knirps quality products offers something for everyone. Whether a youthful, sustainable pocket model or a noble cane umbrella classic, we have the right product for every age group.

Our umbrellas have three different opening mechanisms: Manual, Auto & Duomatic, which are explained in detail below.

To close correctly, push the stick together until it snaps into place. By shaking the individual umbrella segments, sorting them with nimble fingers and fixing them with the clasp strap, you can easily store the umbrella in its protective cover using rolling technology. This means that the umbrella is optimally protected and can be used for many years.

Manual: Opening manually by hand

Our first and original Knirps opening mechanism is called Manual. As the name suggests, this umbrella is opened and closed by hand. Press the button on the slider, push up the canopy without using force, and pull it back down again to close.


Automatic: Automatic opening

Umbrellas with an automatic opening mechanism have a release button on the handle. This is usually positioned on the stick itself. With a few pocket umbrella models it is integrated directly in the handle, and marked with an arrow. As soon as the button is pressed, the canopy opens automatically. The canopy closes by simply pulling it down on the slider.


Duomatic: Open-close automatic

On our Duomatic umbrellas, the release button is marked with a double arrow and is part of the handle. The release button opens the canopy and allows it to close again automatically at the push of a button.


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