Knirps Umbrella Re3


Imagine a world where aesthetics, quality, and environmental awareness come together in harmony. The Re³ is not just a regular umbrella: it’s a unique accessory that will make you stand out from the crowd.

At Knirps, our goal is to craft innovative solutions that stand the test of time. The Re³ combines three standout features in one state-of-the-art umbrella.

Icon Recycled Materials


The handle was developed in collaboration with Circular Materials from Germany and consists of recycled textile fibers. The canopy fabric is made of 100 % rPET, certified by GRS and OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100.

Icon Reverse Opening


The Re³ is equipped with the trusted Duomatic function and a reverse closing mechanism. This novel feature keeps you dry when g

Icon Resists Wind


The unique design offers an enhanced flip-over resistance, farsurpassing traditional pocket umbrellas. And if it does flip? The Re³ effortlessly rights itself at the press of the Duomatic button.

Taschenschirm Re3 geschlossen
Taschenschirm Re3 geöffnet
Girff Taschenschirm Re3
Taschenschirm Re3 geöffnet
Grafik Circular Materials


We teamed up with Circular Economy specialists Circular Materials®
from Germany to create a unique product and save valuable resources.


Textile waste gets collected and turned into pellets for manufacturing. These are then mixed with post-consumer recycled polypropylene, reducing our carbon footprint.


The result is a one-of-a-kind handle with a high-class look and feel. With the visible textile fibers, no two umbrellas look alike.


Step out of cars or narrow doorways with ease without getting wet, thanks to the reverse folding frame.


Thanks to its reverse folding frame, this umbrella withstands even strong winds. Its large canopy provides maximum protection from the weather. High-quality components ensure our renowned Knirps quality.

Taschenschirm Re3 reverse closing

A push of the Duomatic button before closing the umbrella will keep the water outside while you get inside. The distinctive shape of the canopy traps the water when closing, keeping you dry at all times.

Taschenschirm Re3 reverse closing

Simply leave the umbrella upside down to let the water escape. After folding up, the Re³ is ready for your next adventure.