ULTRA LIGHT | Weighing hardly more than a smartphone. 

 ULTRA STURDY | Surviving even harder wind gusts.

 ULTRA HANDY | They are slim and handy.


 Ultra light

The use of ultra-light materials reduces the weight to a minimum:
US.050: 115 g
U.200: 185 g


 Ultra sturdy

Thanks to the robust lightweight construction, the U.200 can withstand up to 120 km/h, the US.050 up to 100 km/h in the wind tunnel.


 Ultra handy

With handy dimensions, these umbrellas with a closed length of 21 cm (US.050) or 26 cm (U.200) fit in every bag!

 Knirps umbrella US.050 - ultra light slim manual 

  • Lightest umbrella (only 115 g) with manual opening mechanism
  • Wind stable - withstands wind gusts up to 100 km/h 
  • Ultra easy opening and closing
  • Ultra slim - only 2.5 cm wide,
  • Length closed 21 cm

 Knirps umbrella U.200 - ultra light duomatic 

  • Lightest umbrella (only 185 g) with Duomatic
  • Automatic opening and closing at the touch of a button
  • Wind stable – withstands gusts of wind up to 120 km/h 
  • Large push button for easy opening and closing
  • Ultra slim – length closed 26 cm

 Knirps umbrella U.900 - ultra light XXL manual 

  • Lightest stick umbrella in the range (only 255 g)
  • Ultra stable lightweight construction
  • Wind stable – withstands gusts of wind up to 120 km/h 
  • Ultra large canopy – suitable for two people
  • Specially rubberized handle for comfortable feel


It should be small, light and practical. This is where our U series pocket umbrellas hit the mark. The lightest Knirps umbrellas impress with their minimal weight, compact dimensions and pleasant canopy size. But despite the lightness of the pocket umbrellas, you by no means have to do without stability.

The optimal material mix of high-quality aluminum from aircraft construction and fiberglass meet the high quality criteria of the Knirps developers.   

A sign of the robustness of the umbrellas are, among other things, the values from our wind tunnel tests: the manual pocket umbrella withstood 100 km/h, the automatic 120 km/h. Both umbrellas of the Knirps range are therefore robust and reliable. Thus, both umbrellas of the U series are reliable companions in any weather.


Handling is also always in focus. The pocket umbrella US.050 can be opened without effort by manually pushing up the slider and closed again by pressing the push button. 

The Knirps U.200 pocket umbrella, on the other hand, is opened fully automatically at the push of a button. After pressing the button again, the umbrella roof closes again and the umbrella can be pushed together again by hand.
Thus, the umbrella is opened and closed in a few seconds. The size of the red push button ensures comfortable operation.

Knirps umbrella in the wind tunnel test

 Knirps umbrellas with equipment 

The two umbrellas are not only convincing in terms of lightness.
They are also equipped with a hand strap on the handle, so that you have both hands free if necessary or can simply let the umbrella dangle. 

Furthermore, a matching protective cover is included in the scope of delivery, which protects the umbrella from damage or wear and extends the life of your Knirps umbrella.


 Indispensable umbrella for every household  

Whether for young or old, city or country, in classic black or peppy colors, the lightweight umbrellas of the Ultra series are suitable for every person and every occasion and, due to their low weight and stability, are a must-have for all those who want to fight the rain.

The must-have

The Knirps Ultra makes urban adventures unforgettable, whether in Berlin, Paris or New York. Find your colour, grab your friends and off you go with the lightest ever developed pocket umbrella!