A Knirps for the little ones.

Umbrella for children and teenagers: Knirps ROOKIE

An umbrella with reflective elements for more safety in everyday life.


The youngest member of our family, a best buddy for kids, weighs just 205 grams, has a diameter of 90 centimeters, and stands up to 90 km/h winds in our wind tunnel test. „Safety first“ is the motto for walking to school and playing outdoors when the sky is grey. That‘s why we put a reflective band all around the canopy to improve visibility.

Easy to use and made of tough materials, our ROOKIE is a perfect companion for your child.

Now available!

  • Cheeky patterns and cool, youthful colors – suitable for all ages

  • Reflective elements for more safety in the dark

  • Lightweight and therefore perfect for the school- or sports bag


The way to school involves many dangers, especially in the dark. To make it safer for our little ones, the canopy of the ROOKIE is equipped with a reflective strip. The umbrella cover has reflective elements as well – so the umbrella is more visible even when it is closed. Thanks to its small size, there is always a place for the ROOKIE in a school bag, pocket or backpack.

Its ease of use and durable materials make ROOKIE the perfect companion in everyday life and parents can be sure that their youngest are safe and visible in traffic due to the reflective elements.


For cool kids

When it comes to the design of the umbrella for school and cool teenagers, Knirps does without typical children's motifs. Instead, in addition to six strong and clear solid colors, Knirps relies on the cheeky eye-catcher design Bubble Bust with neon-colored blobs of color on a black background. The geometric and colorful Triple Blue and Triple Pink designs are also available. Of course, design and safety must never be mutually exclusive, which is why safety is the top priority for the design variants and the reflective tape also adorns these umbrella roofs.