Umbrellas with UV protection

Selected umbrella models protect you with a special UV coating or an integrated heat protection, the Knirps heat shield®. Thus, umbrellas are not only in bad weather a suitable accessory, even in the sun and heat, our umbrellas offer the ideal protection!

 Knirps Heat Shield® 

Single color coating inside
Highest UV protection with additional heat protection
Reduces the temperature under the umbrella by up to 40 %
Blocks more than 99.95% of UVA & UVB rays
Excellent sun protection at SPF/UPF 50+

UV protection

Umbrella provides sun protection of 99,95%, which corresponds to UV protection of 50+.


A special coating on the inside of the umrella reduces the outside temperature by up to 40 %.

Protective layer

A special protective layer blocks 99,95 % of all UVA and UVB rays.

Knirps Heat Shield®

 LSF / UPF 50+ 
 95 % UV Protection 

Transparent coating
Excellent sun protection at LSF/UPF 50+
Blocks more than 95% of UVA rays
Blocks more than 98% of UVB rays
Rosafarbener Taschenschirm mit Knirps Heat Shield®

Protect your skin

The SPF is used as a multiplier for the skin's self-protection time and indicates how long you can effectively stay in the sun with the textile without damaging the skin. Comparable to the SPF of sun creams, it is the calculation basis for the so-called self-protection of the skin.

This varies greatly depending on the skin type. The skin of a person with skin type I, for example, with red or blond hair, blue eyes and a very light complexion, has an intrinsic protection time of about five to ten minutes.

If this person exposes himself longer unprotected to the blazing sun, he risks a dangerous sunburn. Protected with a textile with UV protection SPF 50, the time spent in the sun can be extended by a factor of fifty without provoking skin damage, i.e. to about 5 hours (50 x 5 min = 250 min).

The sun protection of Knirps umbrellas is tested according to Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4399:2017